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Gabriela Gjurekovec

Gabriela Gjurekovec is a professional photographer who has called Denver, Colorado home since 2005. She grew up in the Republic of Serbia (former Yugoslavia) where sheattended The University of Architecture and Civil Engineering in SuboticaSerbia and worked for local newspapers as a freelance photographer. 

She moved to Montreal, Canada in (year) and worked for many years with successful entrepreneurs and renowned designers and photographers, which inspired her to pursue her own entrepreneurial career. In Montreal, Gabriela's professional background included sales, design and management in the architecture, hospitality and floral/wedding industries. 

Today, Gabriela G Photography is the perfect marriage of her passions for photography, art and business/marketing.

With more than 10 years business experience as an entrepreneur and professional photographer – specializing in real estate photography/virtual tours, business photography and lifestyle portraits – Gabriela understands the value of effective marketing techniques and delivering the best service possible to her customers. 

She is committed to building long lasting relationships with her clients and delivering a high quality of work at an affordable price. Connect with Gabriela, AKA "GG" and get to know Denver's most dedicated architecture and interior photographer. You can visit her portfolio at www.gabrielagphotography.com

"Couture Boudoir"

If you are in love or you have gotten engaged, we can capture that special time which you can hold onto in the form of a printed album, or even revisit from time to time in your FolioBox.

"Glamour in the Dress"

Would you like to wear that special dress that you bought but only wore once? That wedding dress, coutour graduation dress, or the dress you are wearing to celebrate your 16th or 21st birthday. You can wear any beloved outfit that you feel beautiful in and have a photo session to capture your beauty.

"Portrait Couture"

Celebrate your feminine side, bring out your femme fatale -- the mysterious and seductive woman in you, full of charm -- and have a day to yourself.

"Newborn Couture"

In newborn photography, we celebrate intimate moments between you and your child. By making that memory eternal, you can cherish it for years to come.

"Portrait Session"

In family portrait, senior portrait, or business portrait sessions, we strive to bring out your unique inner beauty, character, and style.

"Business Makeover"

Does your business lack a professional appearance? Just like a beauty makeover, our team takes your initial business image and polishes the edges to give you an improved and sophisticated look. Our promotional material will surely get your business noticed and make it something to be held in high regard.

"In-Home Consultation"

There are many ways to beautifully display the photographs from your session.  A private consultation in your home will get you better acquainted with all the options available. We can help you design a display that will compliment your home.


About Gabriela

My background in art and design, combined with multicultural exposure, has helped me develop a keen eye for details. A camera is just a tool that I use to create my vision. I look at my work like a painting, where I paint a portrait by capturing the character, emotions and beauty of my subject.

Simple, elegant, and modern photography is the best way to describe my style. I always thrive to get out the most of the time that I have to spend with my clients.

I love working with individuals, as well as families, who appreciate modern simplicity, fashion, and art. I create images that can be displayed as a statement piece in their home or presented in a beautiful FolioBox.

Gabriela Gjurekovec
Artist -Photographer
"Let’s create an imaginative journey, with timeless memories that unfold in your hands, and stay with you forever."